By Travis

LifeBuzz Staff

10 Spectacular Images Which Expose Hidden Nuggets Of The Universe.

#5. Marbelous No. 05 (2013)

An unusual look at the properties of oil, as colorful marbles of oil paint float in a solution of water and methylated spirits.

Marbelous No. 05 (2013)

Fabian Oefner

#6. Black Hole No. 07 (2013)

An illustration of centrifugal force. Paint whirls outward from a metal rod attached to a spinning power drill.

Black Hole No. 07 (2013)

Fabian Oefner

#7. Iridient No. 03 (2012)

A floating soap bubble is captured at the moment it bursts, and surface tension is broken.

Iridient No. 03 (2012)

Fabian Oefner

#8. Nebula No. 10 (2011)

This is a $10 illusion of the universe. The glowing ends of a fiberglass lamp are swirled to create a likeness of stars and galaxies using long exposure photography.

Nebula No. 10 (2011)

Fabian Oefner

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