By Travis

LifeBuzz Staff

10 Spectacular Images Which Expose Hidden Nuggets Of The Universe.

#9. Blue Danube (2013)

Light breaks at the grooves in the tracks of a vinyl record.

Blue Danube (2013)

Fabian Oefner

#10. Vanishing Beauty (2012)

Powders can behave like fluids. Here, corn starch hangs in the air momentarily, retaining its shape, as the balloon surrounding it is popped.

Vanishing Beauty (2012)

Fabian Oefner

I really love how colorful and beautiful these images are. My favorite part is how they feel cosmic in nature, and almost larger than life.

I'm usually proud when I can watercolor without it getting all over my hands... so I always appreciate amazing artists. Share these photos and click below.


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