By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Mysterious Graffiti Artist Has Been Getting Trippy In Panama City… And It’s Fantastic.

Viewing the work of this anonymous graffiti artist is like daring yourself to step into the unknown - an awesomely colorful unknown, that is.

The artist, who is only known as 1010, is making waves in street art circles across the globe with these amazing murals, comprised of bands of colors painted in a 3D style that makes it seem as if the wall is opening to another dimension. The mysterious innovator only uses spray paint to create these masterpieces, which are so precise that its hard to believe they came from a can. The work below is from the artist's recent venture to Panama City, a perfect environment to showcase his (or her) bold and beautiful color palette.

Looking at these unusual, curious paintings, what do you imagine is waiting on the other side?

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