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Epic 11-Foot Wave Sculpture Highlights Our Plastic Straw Problem.

Von Wong collaborated with a team of volunteers, Saigon Zero Waste, and Starbucks Vietnam, and was able to gather 168,000 plastic straws over the span of six months.

He wanted people to realize we have an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality that makes this environmental tragedy even worse. Von Wong says, “The plastic problem is either out of sight, out of mind—or so omnipresent that it becomes invisible. I wanted to use art to tackle both angles—by creating something beautiful and unique out of an environmental tragedy.”

In order for his installation, "Parting of the plastic sea" to come into life, Von Wong relied on a team of volunteers who lent him a helping hand.

Over the course of two weeks, they washed the straws by hand, and sort them out by color. Yes, all 168,000 plastic straws! Now that's a lot of work, but judging from the results, it was damn worth it.

Von Wong and his team of volunteers separated the green, black, and blue straws so they could make out the body of the ocean.

Then, they used the transparent straws to create transitions and fill out different areas. This 100% upcycled installation used plastic bags to support the straws and LED light diffusers. The skeleton of the sculpture, which was around 11 feet tall, was the perfect canvas for Von Wong's Strawpocalypse. The straws were arranged in a way that imitated Monet's art: from far away, you wouldn't be able to visualize them as straws, you'd actually mistake them for paint strokes.

If you happen to be around Estella Place in Ho Chi Minh, don't miss out Von Wong's impressive Strawpocalypse. The full installation will be opened until March 24, 2019, so don't miss out on this colorful work of art that packs a mighty punch and raises awareness about one hell of an important issue.

You can see more of Von Wong's work on his website, Facebook, and YouTube.

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