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20 Spectacular Places On The Verge Of Dying Forever. #3 Is Horrifying.

Everyone remembers a time in their life where they visited a beautiful place while traveling, or saw an amazing beach or forest in a movie, and wished to be there forever.

Unfortunately, some of them won’t be around for much longer. It is a terrible and sad truth, but it’s true. These places are being destroyed by political or environmental reasons, or simply because they’re too popular for tourism.

#1. Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Yasuni National Park is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon and is one of the most biologically diverse areas on our planet. It is home to the Huaorani  people, a semi-nomadic group of hunter-gatherers. It’s also home to two uncontacted indigenous tribes, Tagaeri and the Taromenane. There are over 4,000 plant species, 170 mammal species, and 610 bird species. Yasuni is estimated to contain 800 million barrels of crude oil. Ecuador approved the exploitation of the Yasuni in 2013, so it’s a matter of time before it’s changed forever.

Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

#2. Sapa, Vietnam

This remote town is filled with endless emerald green rice fields surrounded by towering mountains on all sides. Sapa was once a small secluded place but because it’s one of the biggest tourist destinations in Vietnam, it’s definitely changing.

#3. Great Barrier Reef

The reef has lost more than half of its corals due to pollution, climate change and overfishing. In 2013, the Australian government authorized the construction of a new port next to the reef. Construction will require 3 million cubic meters of seabed to be dredged.

#4. Seaflower Biosphere Reserve

The Seaflower Biosphere Reserve is  located in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina in the southwest Caribbean. It is a UNESCO Marine Reserve which protects it from economic exploitation. However in 2013, Nicaragua was given half of the Seaflower’s area and the cash-poor country officials invited  multinational corporations to look for oil.

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