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19 Reasons Why Kids From The 60s And 70s Are Lucky To Be Alive.

All of us have an older person in our lives that likes to start sentences with the phrase, "Back in my day..." Most of the time, they're referring to some idealized memory of the way the world used to be when they were young. However, if this post is any indication, "back in my day" refers to a world that was a lot more dangerous than it is now -- especially for little kids.

Below are 20 solid reasons why kids (and now grown-ups) from the sixties and seventies probably shouldn't be alive today, from dangerous toys to faulty cars to peculiar dietary choices, these are all reasons why baby boomers and some Gen X-ers are lucky to be not only alive, but also here with all of their limbs intact. Check them out below, especially if you're of that generation. #13 is truly disturbing to think about.

#1. Dangerous Toys

Back in the day, toys were a lot more dangerous than they are now -- and had a lot more risks associated with playing with them. We're talking hot plates, noxious odors and sharp metal objects -- how did anyone make it out alive?

#2. No Seatbelts

People didn't really buckle up back in the day, and children often rode in the front seat or on each other's laps. We're glad that things have gotten slightly safer on the roads.

No Seatbelts

Bettmann / Corbis

#3. Front Seat Driving

As we mentioned above, the lack of seat belts meant you could sit wherever you wanted -- and that meant that often, babies would sit with their parents in the front seat.

Front Seat Driving

William Gedney / Duke University

#4. No Helmets

Kids popped wheelies and raced each other without helmets, making this hazardous oversight similar to the seatbelt thing. We'd love to see some stats on head injuries from back then.

No Helmets

#5. Chemical Trucks

Back in the '60s and '70s, kids would often run behind these chemical/pesticide trucks when they passed by. Lungs be damned, apparently.

Chemical Trucks


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