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19 Reasons Why Kids From The 60s And 70s Are Lucky To Be Alive.

#6. Unsafe Playgrounds

Anyone remember swinging so hard that one part of the swing set would come off the ground? Or what about the burns we suffered sliding down scorching metal slides during the summer, not to mention the spiky, rusting metal all over the place.

Unsafe Playgrounds


#7. Kids Going Solo

If you let yourself into the house after school, you were a latch key kid. By today's standards, this seems pretty dangerous -- then again, most who did it seemed to turn out okay.

Kids Going Solo

20th Century Fox

#8. 12-Year-Old Babysitters

If you were at least 12 and able to dial 9-1-1, then you got some pretty sweet babysitting gigs. Considering the fact that today's babysitters often have certification, the idea of a 12-year-old doing the job seems pretty wild.

12-Year-Old Babysitters


#9. Ridiculous Diets

Believe it or not, there was a time when processed food was considered the best, and very few people were "eating clean."

#10. Secondhand Smoke

There was no escaping the haze of cigarette smoke back in the day, because you could smoke literally everywhere: Planes, cars, restaurants, and even libraries.

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