By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

Here Are The 25 BEST Things That Happened In 2015.

#6. According to an annual survey conducted by state biologists in February, the number of manatees in Florida is at an all-time high. There were over 6,000 tallied.

#7. Following an investigation by Associated Press, Indonesian government officials evacuated an isolated island of Burmese slaves who were lured or tricked into working as fishermen. Findings revealed that the men had endured brutal conditions, including beatings from a paid 'enforcer.'

#8. Costa Rica ends this year with 99% renewable energy. Talk about clean!

#9. Brian Banks spent 5 years in prison plus an additional 5 years of high custody parole for a rape crime he didn't commit. He now works for the NFL and volunteers for the California Innocence Project to exonerate those in similar situations.

#10. A 21-mile commute to and from work isn't bad, but when you have to walk most of it, it can be hell. When readers learned of 56-year-old factory worker James Robertson and his daily trek, they came together to raise over $350,000 in donations.

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