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By Camila Villafañe

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The Best Photos From Sony’s 2017 World Photography Contest.

If you're in London from the 21st of April to the 7th of May then you're in luck. There's going to be a huge celebration of some of the most unique selection of images submitted by people from over 183 countries, including Armenia, Cuba, Iceland, and Saudi Arabia. The Sony World Photography Awards And Martin Parr 2017 Exhibition will show the winning, shortlisted, and commended images, and Sony has already announced the shortlist of the best photos competing in the biggest photo contest in the world. So here are 25 of the most amazing photos that made it to the shortlist.

#1. Masayasu Sakuma from Japan submitted this ethereal image of diamond dust for the Open Competition, Nature category.

This photo was taken in February in Nagano-ken at an altitude of 1,700 meters in February, which is the coldest month of the year in Japan. Since diamond dust can only be seen during the winter, it took the photographer four years to capture that diamond dust, which is usually white, as it turned orange as the morning sun rose.

#2. Ami Vitale of the U.S. posted this adorable photo for the Natural World, Professional category.

Giant pandas, which are only found in central China, have come dangerously close to being extinct because they're shy and tough to breed while in captivity. But after years of research, the giant panda is no longer endangered. But tell us this photo doesn't make you want to go... aww.

#3. Pier Mane of Italy shared this glimpse of life above and below the water for the Open Competition, Culture category.

Mane captured this in the Solomon Islands which is known for its pristine reefs and world-class diving. It's also one of the few remaining places where local indigenous tribes are scattered throughout the archipelago. This image captures villagers, their canoe, the reef, and one amazing sunset in the background that is simply magical.

#4. Luo Pin Xi of China submitted this gravity defying photo for the Professional, Sport category of the contest.

Here we see two Shaolin Kung-fu masters daring to defy the laws of physics as they race across this wall. But it takes time to master such a technique and given Kung-fu's profound influence on the culture and its history, you can tell that this form of martial arts takes a great deal of work and dedication.

#5. Li Song of China shared this photo of medicine taken to the extreme for the Professional, Contemporary Issues category

Song took a photo of an eleven-year-old boy from Harbin, who arrived at the Changchun weight loss center to lose a few kilos. The child has suffered from Prader-Willi Syndrome since he was 3, and it's a condition that causes extreme weight gain. So here we see Hang undergoing fire treatment to burn the excess fat and it looks absolutely agonizing.

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