By Amanda

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He Walked 2600 Miles From Mexico To Canada… His Before & After Shots Are Almost Unbelievable.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to push your physical limits and hike for thousands of miles across some of America's most beautiful terrain? Furthermore, have you ever pondered what you would look at feel like after accomplishing such a feat?

Andy Davidhazy didn't just wonder these things - he actually did them. For each one of the 2600 miles he hiked, he took a picture. He compiled the photos of his journey into a short four minute video - check it out below to witness every mile of Davidhazy's amazing journey and incredible transformation.

Davidhazy hiked the 2600 miles of The Pacific Trail, losing his inhibitions, fears, and about 50 pounds in the process. He explained his motivations on his website:

Simply put, I did the hike for the challenge, and this was the hardest simple thing I could think of. In life I get rewarded for finding short cuts to things, being creative in the face of a challenge, problem solving, etc. But there's a lot of things I want to achieve in life, and as I've grown older I have begun to worry that they may not happen. So I wanted to test my limitations and commitment by doing something that had no short cuts. You either hike every foot of the trail (from Mexico to Canada) or you don't.

We're totally impressed, especially by the fact that this journey wasn't just challenging, but also made him appear visibly happier and at peace with the world. Inspired by his journey, what kind of challenge will you give yourself today?

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Source: Andy Davidhazy