By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Walks Into Walmart And Proposes To His Ex-Wife 43 Years AFTER They Divorced.

They say that true love can exist between two people, even across time and space. Perhaps there is no better example of this than the love shared between Louis Demetriades and Renate Stumpf. Both in their seventies, the couple married when they were both 18. .Life wasn't always romance and kisses for the pair - but what happens at the end of this video will have you swooning.

How touching is it to see a couple so in love, even after all that life threw in their paths? Sure, they may have divorced after 13 years of marriage - many couples who marry so young have a hard time keeping their marriages intact. After separating, Louis and Renate remarried other people and lived full, happy lives. Eventually, they were both widowed.

It was then that they found their way to one another again.

Perhaps the most adorable part of this couple's story is how Louis re-proposed: After months of only communicating online, Louis drove to Memphis to see his beloved. He calmly approached her and said "Hey good looking, Happy Valentine's Day! Will you marry me?"

It's simple, it's romantic, and it's making you say "awwww" right now, isn't it? Go ahead: Swoon.

Source: OMGVideo