By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Left Their Dog Alone For 3 Hours… Worst Mistake Of Their Life.

We've all heard the story before: A family goes out for a day of work, fun, or otherwise, and comes home to an unholy mess created by none other than the dog himself. Sitting amongst the trash he knocked over, the dog looks at once incredibly guilty and somehow proud -- and you have to be the one to clean it all up.

That being said, we've never seen a dog-created mess quite like this.

After being at a movie for about three hours, one family returned to find that their husky had created the Mess To End All Messes, an unbelievable display of ink-saturated naughtiness that looks damn near impossible to clean up.

Somehow, he seems to know how grave the situation is.

And yet, he can't seem to comprehend what to do.

Perhaps that's because he's done enough.

Here's what seems to have happened: The dog spilled a large container of calligraphy ink, walked through it, and then walked everywhere in the house.

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