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Guy Documented His Life As A Third Wheel, And It’s Hilariously Awkward.

Being a third wheel is almost like a rite of passage that no one actually ever wants to complete: At some point, we all go through it, and it doesn't get any easier knowing that others have done it before you. You might be happy as can be for the love that your friends have found, but it doesn't make it any easier to be the odd man (or woman) out when you hang.

These two dudes took being the third wheel to the next level. One of them decided to document his life as a third wheel throughout the entire course of their relationship, from their first dates to their wedding. The other simply shows off his life as the ever-present third wheel in his brother's relationship, to hilarious results. Seeing these photos, you might begin to to think that hey, being a third wheel isn't so bad after all. Then again, try and go out with a couple and rethink that -- especially when they start to make out.

#1. There's one truth about being single that we can all agree on.

No matter how much you love your friends in love, nobody (yes, nobody) likes being the third wheel.

#2. Think about it: Third wheels always get the worst of everything.

The back seat of the car, the single seat at the movies, the random blind date to make a foursome. The list goes on and on.

#3. That's why one kid has dedicated an entire hilarious slice of the internet to being the third wheel.

In fact, he seems to have documented his couple friends' entire relationship, all the way up to the wedding.

#4. That's right: This is a relationship from start to finish, as documented by their beloved third wheel.

And between his photos and the faces he makes in those photos, his life as a third wheel is just as awkward as you'd expect.

#5. It all started when he realized he was a third wheel and someone needed to know that he was just as valid a part of their relationship as they were.

In other words, what's a relationship without a third wheel to supplement it?

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