By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Artist Uses A Secretive Technique To Play A Trick On Your Eyes.

Viewed from a certain angle, these drawings by Italian artist Alessandro Diddi look as though they leap right off the page and actually come to life. Diddi creates anamorphic drawings that are sketched to appear three dimensional, using shading and shadows to trick the mind into seeing it in 3D.

In addition to using shading, light, and shadow effects, Diddi uses props to make his drawing appear lifelike, including the pencil he used to sketch them, and his own hands. On his homepage, the artist explained what motivates his work:

It isn't necessary to consume a large amount of resources to achieve something interesting. All you need is a pencil and something to draw on, and you can create something really magical.

Check out Diddi's amazing off-the-wall (and off the page) work below and the video at the bottom.