By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

A Boy And Man Discuss The Meaning Of Life… And It Hits You Right In The Feels.

Men can learn a lot from women, and vice versa. Heteronormative people can learn a lot from queer folks, and vice versa. We should interact with people who are different from us more often, because in the process we learn more about who we are as citizens of the world – beyond just the self. We cease to see the world based solely on our assumptions, and step closer to the truth.

In this video produced by Creative Nation on the YouTube page Facts, a 7-year-old boy talks with a 64-year-old man about life. Despite their 57-year gap, they are able to look into one another’s eyes, connect, and learn.

Seeing a younger person – someone at the start of their journey, someone who has yet to fall in love – in the same room as an older person – someone who has been through it all, someone who has experienced love – will strike a chord.

Watch them discuss age and love, among other topics here:

Source: Facts