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LifeBuzz Staff

This Dream Home Hasn’t Been Decorated Since 1969… OMG At The Bathroom!

Somewhere in Palm Springs, California is a portal into another decade, a property so frozen in time that you'd almost feel compelled to wear a period costume when you went inside. The last time this home was updated was in 1969, and the furnishings and decor are everything you'd think they would be -- and much, much more.

The house has only had two owner in the last 47 years, and neither owners have bothered to update the home from it's original splendor. And why would they? It's a perfect mixture of late sixties kitsch and over-the-top opulence. Whoever buys it next should be required to keep it this way.

The home is listed for a cool $850,000 on the market.

And for a time capsule like this (and in this location) the price seems totally worth it.

Some of the rooms are decked out in this beloved sixties shade of emerald.

Can you imagine if this was your living room?

Other rooms have perfectly preserved the sixties trend of keeping each room dedicated to one color scheme.

Perhaps the best area of this three bedroom home is the hot pink master suite, complete with this epic jacuzzi tub surrounded by plush pink carpet.

Someone really went to great lengths to make sure this part of the house was as feminine as possible.

"To have a home that was done with high-end finishes and untouched since 1969 is a treat for anyone whether you are a baby boomer or a millennial," said one of the listing agents for the property. "It goes to show that quality is ever-lasting."

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Source: Huffington Post