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By Camila Villafañe

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Family Of Four Spent 6 Months Working Out And Their Results Will Inspire You.

Every New Year you promise yourself that you'll cut back on the calories, and exercise to lose weight. In fact, it's one of your favorite resolutions. But somewhere along the way, you lose focus and fail to stay fit. But when was the last time you actually tried to get fit with your family? If you've ever needed some inspiration, then this Chinese family of four will definitely prompt you to change. Jesse, his wife, and his folks decided to hop aboard the fit express, and they documented their amazing results on Instagram. Now through willpower and dedication, Jesse and his entire family have undergone an amazing transformation.

When Jesse and his family decided to get fit 6 months ago, they had no idea what to expect.

The 31-year-old photographer decided that he was going to document his family's fitness journey and post it on Instagram. And in just six months, they became leaner, and even added a brand-new member to the family.

The family proved that you can totally achieve anything if you put a lot of dedication to it

The idea began when Jesse's mother told him that she was going to move in with him temporarily so she could help his pregnant wife during and after the baby was born. Naturally, Jesse, asked his father to move in as well. Both father and son became super fit.

Jesse's dad drank a lot, which led to a beer gut, and his son really wanted to help him with that.

He came up with a weight loss program that would help every member of his family out, because as you can see from this photo, a family that sticks together, and loves each other, can definitely beat the battle of the bulge.

Aside from some serious exercise, the family also had to change the way they ate meals.

Everyone got the chance to eat some healthy options on the table in a buffet-style setting, which is common in some Asian cultures. But most importantly, only healthy food items went into their tummies.

Eating healthy alone wasn't going to give them the body that they desperately wanted to have.

They needed to burn some calories, so the family started going to the gym and working out. The boys did a lot of weight lifting, which definitely improved their musculature and physique. In the process, it tightened their bellies.

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