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Family Of Four Spent 6 Months Working Out And Their Results Will Inspire You.

Aside from the fact that going to the gym made them look fit, it also brought them together.

The family now had a collective goal to shed some pounds, and it was that dedication that led to bulging biceps, rippling, rock-hard abs, and a toned stomach for Jesse's mom. Their bodies changed a lot, but so did their faces, as double chins disappeared for good, and you could definitely see their features getting more and more defined.

Every 10 days, Jessie and his family would track their results through photos.

This allowed Jesse, his family, as well as their 3,074 Instagram followers to see just how much their bodies were improving through exercise and healthy dieting. Within six months, it became obvious that the weight loss program worked!

Jesse's dad looks so much happier and confident now that he's taking care of his body, constantly.

They take the concept of dad bod to a whole new level. But now that the family's gotten a taste of the effects of dieting and exercising, it doesn't look like they'll be going back to their old ways anytime soon.

Jesse and his dad had originally started out by power walking to shock their systems into fitness.

Eventually, the father and son duo added jogging to their daily routine. And as their bodies started looking more chiseled, the two didn't mind taking off their shirts and showing their well-defined, muscular chests in public.

Jessie and his family now look completely different and the transformation is unbelievable.

Of course, the biggest change was the new addition that Jesse's mom is holding in her arms. Now the family of four has become a family of five, and they're all healthy enough to ensure that they'll stick around to see that little one grow up.

Source: Metro

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