By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Siblings Reunite After Years Apart… And Recreate ALL The Fun Photos They Missed Out On.

We've seen siblings recreate old family photos before, but this particular group of siblings has an unusual, compelling story. Six sisters and one brother were all split up and adopted by five different families when they were young, only reunited in Los Angeles last month.

It's incredible to see them all together, and the siblings felt they had to make up for all the childhood memories they missed out on being apart. So, they decided to put together a photoshoot doing all the things that kids do when they're together -- only as adults. See the adorable photos of this reunited family below.

These 7 siblings found each other 15 years ago, but until now, they had never been able to organize a meetup.

Naturally, it was time to create childhood memories that were missed.

Like staying up past their bedtimes.

And reading books together by flashlight.

And a massive, slow motion pillow fight.

There was a big birthday party...

...which celebrated all the birthdays they missed together.

Tickle fights had to happen.

As did an outdoor jam session.

All seven of them managed to cram around one big table for this photo.

And finally, they got the amazing portrait they all had always wanted.

Source: reddit