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25 Vintage Photos Of American Malls In The 1980s.

The decade of the 80’s was not kind. Everything seemed to be over the top; big hair, huge accessories, glaring colours, and make-up that scared babies. Madonna, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Michael Jackson, and the TV show Miami Vice served as the fashion inspiration for millions of teens and adults.

The older generation saw the yuppies as having too much money and spending it frivolous. Saving and living modestly was a thing of the past. It is easy to see why baby boomers were seen as materialistic and self-absorbed.

This made have made seem more obvious with the rise of malls popping up across the country. In 1989, photographer Michael Galinsky drove all over the United States to capture the consumerism, fashion, and the new hangout for millions of Americans. His book Malls Across America will make readers cringe at the hairstyles and fashion but will also make them see how the big shopping centres have not evolved very much in the last 30 years.

Galinsky was only 20 years old when he started photographing people in malls in everyday America.

He used the photographs for a college art project.

His photography teacher at New York University encouraged him to expand his assignment when she saw his images shot at the local mall in Garden City, Long Island.

The display cases, store layouts are still the same today.

The hair salon is still in malls today. The difference is that customers waiting are usually on their mobile phones.

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