Why Are There 826 Notes On This Table? The Answer Just Destroyed Me…

Garth, a father with one daughter named Emma, has been diagnosed with cancer three times since November 2011. Most statistics say he has only an 8% chance of living past the next 5 years. That didn’t stop him though, look at the wonderful thing he decided to do for his daughter.

Meet Garth and Emma.

Garth has dropped napkin notes in Emma’s lunch bag ever since 2nd grade.

In fact, he has promised to write one every single day until she graduates. That’s a total of 826 notes!

Here is 740 notes so far. This man is truly amazing.

Sage advice…

Such beautiful words.

Here is Garth and Emma at a superhero contest, although apparently they didn’t win because “Jedis are not considered superheroes”

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