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Her Tiny Apartment Is 90 SqFt, But When She Opens The Door… I’m Jealous.

New York City is notorious for the small space apartments and outrageous rent fees. For New Yorkers, living in the expensive city often means spending most of their paycheque on rent. Part of the reason the cost is so high to live here is that Manhattan, for example, is an island so there is limited geographical space for companies to build more apartments.

With the millions of New Yorkers living there, the demand for living space far exceeds what is physically available. One woman decided to live not just simpler but in a much smaller space in order to be close to all the action in the city without going broke.

When Felice Cohen found an apartment in the Upper West Side for $700 a month, she knew she had to give the apartment a chance. Initially the writer only planned to live in the micro room for a year, but she found that she loved living there so much she made the space her cozy home.

Felice Cohen is a writer, artist, and organizer who wanted to live in Manhattan and be part of the hustle and bustle.

She found a tiny apartment just a block away form Central Park. She is surrounded by shops, cafes, and gyms.

Felice's 90-square-foot micro studio proved to be the perfect challenge for the professional organizer.

She admits to having a panic attack the first night she slept in the apartment. Her bed is inches away from the ceiling.

The small apartment gave her a new perspective in life. "Living in that tiny space made my life so much bigger," explains Felice.

Despite her tiny apartment, Felice gets to experience the beautiful and large world the city offers.

She wrote a book about living in her small studio titled, 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet (. . . or More).

"Living in a smaller space meant that I could live larger, travel more and work less," explains Felice.

Watch Felice give a micro tour of her apartment.

Source: Kirsten Dirksen