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24 Fashion Mistakes We All Made In The 1990s… I’m Trying To Forget #9.

Fashion is evolving every day. As the decades go by, new trends arise. At the time, they may have seemed like a good idea, but when you look back at it from the future... not so much.

Nonetheless, every decade has a certain style that they are remembered for. Everyone remembers the 70's as the disco era with all the bellbottoms and high waisted everything. The 80's is known as the rock era with ripped jeans and leather everywhere. So of course, everyone remembers the 90's — and if you've forgotten, don't worry, we've got a few things to remind you.

We're not saying ALL of the 90's was bad but let's just say a good chunk of it should stay in the 90's.

#1. Popped Collars

The 90's was full of more than just one style, including the preppy look. Of course, your polo wasn't complete unless the collar was popped.

Popped Collars


#2. Platform Flip Flops

For days when you wanted to appear taller but still wanted to be comfortable. Kind of wish these were still socially acceptable just for that reason.

Platform Flip Flops

#3. Brightly Colored Rave Attire

However it was even more popular to wear these bright clothes outside of a rave. Why? Why was this socially acceptable? Why?

Brightly Colored Rave Attire

#4. One Earring

Save yourself some money on piercing two ears by just piercing one! You'll look just as cool as Janet Jackson and who doesn't want that?

One Earring

#5. Butterfly Clips

The tiny little sparkly butterfly clips that every girl just loved to put in their hair. They were painful and time-consuming but that didn't matter, nope.

Butterfly Clips

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