Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

17 Things From 1990s That Should Stay Forgotten Forever.

#6. Thinking someone's dead because you haven't spoken to them in several hours.

Today, if your friend doesn't respond to you within a few hours, you'll most likely think they're dead. Back then it was normal to not communicate as often.

#7. Frosted Tips

Oh frosted tips -- the top tips of short hair being bleached into the color blonde. It was okay back then maybe even deemed attractive by a few, but definitely not okay today.

Frosted Tips

#8. Using a physical map.

Can you believe we used to live in a world where GPS didn't exist? People had to actually use physical maps or even worse, print out step by step directions of how to get to the destination.

#9. Making plans and actually showing up.

Back then it was normal to make plans in advance and then just showing up to those plans without having to confirm anything in between. I guess people were just more reliable back then.

#10. Not informing someone that you're going to be late.

Back then there was no text messaging or phone calls for that matter once you left the house. If you were going to be late, the person waiting for you had no choice but to just wait without any warning.

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