By Sheyla

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This Artist Added A Unique Touch To His Paintings… The Effect Is Uniquely Calming.

Scientists are beginning to see the benefit of art. Studies show people’s immune system get a boost by simply listening to classical music or seeing a work of art in a museum. Aaron K. Metz is taking this practice and applied it to his own work. The Canadian spent over two decades of his career using the standard acrylic paints for his medium.

Nonetheless, by 2013 during a meditation session, Metz said he knew he had to change the ways he was producing art. The painter continues to use acrylics but blends them with crystals in order to emit “healing properties” for his clients. Metz says once he started this process he, “stopped all current paintings I was working on and began this new quest the next day; to never look back.”

Aaron K Metz's paintings are all done on wood panels.

Metz does not plan what his work will be, instead he follows his intuition. Furthermore, he only uses one single brush which is attached to the back of the piece.

The cosmos art is mixed with crystals for a specific purpose like; selenite for purifying and cleansing, chlorite for protection, lapis and lazuli for emotional balance and sweet dreams, and lepidolite for peace and calm.

"It's about using as little material and technology as possible, so I can create something out of very little," says Metz.

"The crystals I source are of the purest form and ethically mined. These gemstones vibrate in ways that will heal, clear and uplift any space they are placed within," explains Metz.

See more of Metz's art on his website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Source: Diply