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When I Saw These Abandoned Dogs I Lost It, But The Last Photo Gave Me Hope.

When the Chicago Police Department rescued Emmy and Oscar from an abandoned building, the pair of pups wasn't in good shape. Emmys body was in starvation, and she was dangerously dehydrated. She had to be slowly fed and brought back to health - and something amazing happened along the way.

Below is a story about this amazing dog's connection to one of her caretakers. After spending some tense times together, Emmy wouldn't leave his side. When it came time for her to be adopted, the pair couldn't bear to be separated. What happened next is something out of a doggy fairytale.

This is Emmy (red dog) and the other pup on the night they were rescued.

Emmy was scared, and even too weak to stand.

She was given the best of care, but things were tenuous: When she came to the shelter, she was a bony 22 pounds.

Within a few weeks, she had put on nearly 20 pounds and was looking great!

One of the vet techs, Anthony, had made such a connection with Emmy that he decided to take her home.

Meanwhile, Emmy’s friend Oscar made a full recovery, but had to undergo a couple months of training to be ready for adoption. Now, he's finally ready to greet the world and find his forever home.

If you're interested in adopting Oscar, visit Trio Animal Foundation.

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Source: Trio Animal Foundation