By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Abandoned House In Detroit Was Filled With Flowers… The Photos Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

Most people are aware of the fact that the housing situation in Detroit, Michigan, is quite dire. Over half of the city's homes are abandoned and boarded up, and those numbers don't look like they will be decreasing any time soon. It's a dire situation, but one initiative is trying to make it a little bit less so. It was started by Lisa Waud, a Detroit resident and florist. After being inspired by similar projects, Lisa came up with her own way to send a message. Her solution? To cover the city's abandoned dwellings with flowers.

By this October, Lisa Waud plans to fill 15 rooms of an abandoned Detroit house with up to 100,000 flowers. These images are from a preview even this May, where a house was filled with 4,000 in just under 48 hours.

Waud is a florist, and she paid $500 for these two properties in 2014. She bought the homes with this project in mind.

She's calling it the Flower House Project, and the intent is to emphasize sustainability: Waud believes that Detroit could restore itself by deconstructing properties and repurposing them, instead of simply demolishing them.

“The hope that this deconstruction and land repurposing will inspire others to see abandoned structures as platforms for art and business, and to use them in an environmentally responsible way,” writes Waud.

After the event in October, the flower houses will be dismantled, recycled, and the remaining space will be turned into a garden.

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