By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Haunting Beauty Of These Abandoned Theaters Will Take Your Breath Away.

Cleveland isn't exactly known for being a hub of arts and culture, but one thing the city does have is strong roots to rock-and-roll. Back in the day, plenty of rock, punk, and jam bands would come through the city, playing at clubs that were at once both incredibly dingy and incredibly spectacular.

One such venue was the Variety Theater. Bands like R.E.M., Metallica, and Motorhead all played at the Variety, but sadly, the location has since closed. Now, renowned abandoned spaces photographer Matthew Christopher has attempted to give the space new live with his images -- even in its dilapidated condition, you can just tell that this place was iconic.

The theater is located on Cleveland's west side, and for years it was the center of the neighborhood.

Designed by architect Nicola Petti, the Variety opened in 1927, with a screening of Clara Bow's "Hula."

Over the years, it got decidedly less glamorous, and eventually became dedicated to raucous metal, punk, and rock shows.

In many ways, this place looks preserved in time, an empty theater that people just walked out of and never came back.

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