By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Homeless Man Asked This Café Owner For Money… But Got Something WAY Better.

When a man named Marcus walked into Cesi Abi's cafe, she could have easily turned him away. After all, he was homeless, and came inside to ask her for money. Abi could have turned her back on him like so many other had before, but instead, she decided to do something different. Here's the story in her own words, taken from Abi's Facebook page:

"I looked at him and asked him, 'why don't you have a job, you know nothing is given to me for free right?' He said, 'Well, I have a lot of felonies and no one wants to hire me for that, so now I had to turn myself to the streets and get money the only way I know.'"

"I was short staff that day, so I asked him, ' Do you want to work? I have a job for you! His eyes opened wide and his smile made my day!!!! He said. 'I'll do anything for some food.'"

"So now for almost 2 weeks he been on time for his two hour shift.... helping take trash, washing dishes. etc. Once I pay him, guess what he does? He buys food from my restaurant because it makes him feel good! Do something nice for someone today and don't judge them just because they are asking for money, for we don't know their situation. God gave me this blessing so why can't I bless others?"

Cesi Abi/Abi's Cafe

The story has since gone viral, and Abi and Marcus are both getting plenty of positive attention: Abi for her efforts, and Marcus for his vision of a new life.

In addition to providing work, Abi took it another step: She set up a GoFundMe page in Marcus' honor. "My mission is to help him find a permanent place to live and give him another shot at life by providing him with stable work and the things that he need to get back on his feet," Abi writes. It's a touching story, and proof that the smallest gestures can start the wheels turning for a complete change in someone's life.

Source: NBC