Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Cat With Two Legs Will Bunny-Hop His Way Into Your Heart.

When life gets tough, sometimes it can feel really hard to keep going. You can be the most optimistic and hopeful person but it is ok to feel like it’s difficult to stay positive and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Nonetheless, as you get past the trying times and look back at how much you have grown and achieved in the tough journey, you can look back at it with pride and joy. Able, an adorable kitten knows that there are trials and tribulation in life. He may be the best example of never giving up.

This is Able. He's a rescue kitty that has no front legs. Is he immobilized? No, on the contrary, he gets around by happily jumping around like a kangaroo.

"The first time I saw Able, I felt such energy and inspiration to live my life,” said Able’s owner, 49-year-old Walai Sriboonvorakul, to Coconuts Bangkok.

When Able was only a year old, he was trying to catch a bird on the roof. He fell on a loose wire which almost killed him from being electrocuted.

The poor kitty lost both his tail and front legs from the accident. Thankfully, Sriboonvorakul kindly took the cat in and put his life as a disabled cat on the streets of Thailand in the past.

The kind-hearted woman did everything she possibly could to make the kitty healthy again. Finally after two years, it's safe to say Able has made a full recovery.

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