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20+ Deserving Pets Who Get The Best Treatment From Their Owners.

Most people love pets, and who can blame them? They’re freaking awesome! In fact, a lot of pet owners consider them an extension of their family tree. They’d probably donate a kidney to save their lives if they needed it. Some folks even think of their pets as their children, which explains why people are willing to go above and beyond for their pets. If you own a pet, you undoubtedly figured out that the key to happiness is in making sure they’re happy. These furry little bodies can provide an abundant source of joy, which is why these pet owners have totally splurge on their pets.

Twitter user LoveBeckz split up from her boyfriend 2 years ago, but he still sends their puppy a birthday card on his cake day every year.

Hum, we don't know how to say this, but girl! It might be time to give your ex a call, go for coffee, and reunite the whole family back. That sounds like a total keeper. Among other things, he wrote: "continue to be there for her like you were for me," "take care of yourself & your mom," and "love dad". Either you marry him or we will!

Safety comes first, and that includes making sure every family member has buckled up.

Such an adorable picture needs to come with a warning. You might experience temporary overload of cuteness, loss of words, heart palpitations, and an overwhelming need to scream "awww" incessantly.

That wiener dog may seem to be expressing nothing more than smoldering resentment.

But when it’s time to go number one, it’s time to go, no matter what the weather is like outside. So, this owner decided to buy his pooch a matching yellow raincoat because there’s no sense in getting wet when you’re doing your business.

Mimi, a seven-week old bunny, was born without ears. She was also deaf and was born with only 3 legs.

But her human mom, Rodajia Welch, she fits right in with her brothers and sisters now, thanks to her very own pair of knitted ears. Rodajia said, "She lets me put them on her, but I don't tie them, in a knot so if she wanted to, she could just knock them off pretty easy".

This poor senior dog was too blind to climb the stairs on his own.

So this lucky fella's wholesome dad added some extra stairs to make his life easier. We've said this before and we'll say this again: the world needs more people like this guy!

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