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By Camila Villafañe

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20+ Deserving Pets Who Get The Best Treatment From Their Owners.

This puppy is a rescue, so his human parents don't really know when to celebrate his birthday.

But they're not going to let a silly little detail like his date of birth stop them from having a blowout party! They explained, "We don’t really know when his birthday is other than that it’s in May, and so is my dad’s. Here they are celebrating their birthdays together".

This lucky pup's human dad got him a special mattress to help with his arthritis. The bed was seriously cute, but they were worried he wouldn't like it at first.

Clearly, all their worries went out the window once they saw how much he loved his new bed. The pup is in dire need of an orthopedic dog bed, but their owner was having a hard time finding a proper one. They explained in a Reddit post, "I looked at crib mattresses though, and they're actually just the right size for him. This one is Posturepedic so I hope it helps."

For months, this raccoon was asking for a little brother, and he finally got his wish.

It’s like he’s saying, “Hands off. He’s mine now!” This is so cute. So, what if it’s just a plush toy. As far as this raccoon is concerned, it’s as real as he is. And now he has a little brother to cuddle with at night.

This fluffy cloud of fur looks like its got all the warmth it could possibly need, but just in case, its owner got them a thermal mat.

And boy, they seem to be enjoying it. Is this the definition of bliss or what? It almost looks like this kitty has achieved total Zen and we can't help but feel a bit jealous.

Puppies and cats aren't the only pets who are getting the royal treatment. A Twitter user bought her bird Kiwi a new goth girlfriend, and they seem to have hit it off.

The two lovebirds, (pun intended!) are the perfect match. Their human mom posted a series of videos where Kiwi can be seen feeding his lover some delicious seed puree. Take notes, guys! This is how you keep your girl happy!

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