By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Happiest Wizards Live In A Home Like This… You’ll Be Awed By Its Weirdness.

If you've ever fantasized about the Weasley family inviting you to their whimsical, ramshackle house for tea, you're going to love these photos. These homes, created by German designer Matthias Jung, look like they've been taken straight from the pages of Harry Potter - or your wildest imagination.

Jung calls the homes "architectural poems," and unfortunately, they're more surreal than real. In fact, the images you see below are actually collages of buildings and backgrounds, brought together in Photoshop to create a delightful dream home that any wizard, hobbit, or bookish weirdo would be proud to call their own. Sure, it might not actually stay standing when you step inside, but what does that matter when you have a home that looks like something out of the best childhood dream you ever had?

Take a look at Jung's fantastical work below.