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16 Famous Celebrities Who Almost Died In The Most Horrible Ways.

Yes, they've got money, fame, and somehow, ever-present good looks -- but when you get down to the nitty-gritty, celebrities are really just like us. They all have families, friends, and rich personal lives -- and if they're smart, they also have a healthy sense of their own mortality. And just like us, that mortality is something that is all too real, often when they least expect it.

If you've ever had an accident or even a near-death experience, you're totally going to relate to the celebrities in this post. Each one of them has had an intense brush with death, either by a series of bad decisions or just a bit of very, very bad luck. Luckily, they all made it out okay and hopefully, something like this won't happen to them for the rest of their lives. Then again, anything can happen: After all, they're only human. Check out their stories below, and be prepared to get the chills when you read #11.

#1. Michael J. Fox

In his autobiography, Fox revealed that one scene from Back to the Future 3 got a little too real. There's a scene where he was hung from a noose, but after a long day, they miscalculated how it was tied. He passed out, and no one noticed that he was unconscious for more than 30 seconds before they cut him down. Thankfully, he was okay.

Michael J. Fox

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#2. Charlize Theron

While filming Aeon Flux, the Oscar winner landed awkwardly on her neck while performing a back flip during the filming. She almost broke her neck and herniated the disk between her third and fourth vertebrae. In other words, it was pretty damn serious.

Charlize Theron

MTV Films

#3. Eminem

Struggling with a lifetime of demons, Marshall Mathers eventually had a drug overdose that almost killed him. Thankfully, the terrifying incident was what it took to get him clean, once and for all.


Dj Booth

#4. Joaquin Phoenix

After a stint in rehab, Phoenix unluckily got into a serious car accident, wherein his car flipped over several times. He said that while he was trapped in the car with no way to see, he heard a man's voice telling him to "just relax." He responded that he was relaxed, and the man said, "No, you're not." The mystery man also prevented him from lighting a cigarette, which may have caused an explosion. The biggest twist? The man in question was director Werner Herzog.

Joaquin Phoenix


#5. Anne Hathaway

Hathaway was swimming in Hawaii when a strong current beneath the surface took hold. She was seen struggling to keep herself above the water and began to shout for help, until an unidentified surface came and saved her life.

Anne Hathaway


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