By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Didn’t Want To Spend A Fortune On A Traditional Wedding… So They Did This 11 Times.

If you're lucky, you'll only get married once - unless, of course, you're Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard. This couple is lucky enough to get married as many times as possible, all over the world.

Originally from Los Angeles, this couple has decided to commit to each other for all eternity by getting married -and remarried, and then married again - in 12 countries throughout the world.

They came up with the idea after getting engaged last year, and found themselves unable to decide how to celebrate. Eventually, it dawned on them that they didn't have to choose one day or location: They could get married as many times and in as many places as they wanted.

Furthermore, traditional weddings often come with incredibly high price tags - the couple realized that for similar prices, they could take the journey of a lifetime.

On February 8, 2015, Platt and Woodyard began their journey in Bogota, Columbia. They planned to be away for three months, visiting 12 countries and getting married a whopping 38 times.

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