By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

They Didn’t Want To Spend A Fortune On A Traditional Wedding… So They Did This 11 Times.

Before leaving for this amazing trip, the couple both got ordained online - that way, if there was no one around to marry them, they could actually marry each other!

They also made the decision to only wear white throughout their entire trip.

So, how did Platt and Woodyard pay for this journey of a lifetime? Well, they got a little bit creative. First, they registered online for a honeymoon (something that most couples do) and asked friends and families to gift money for different stays around the world. Their unusual story also prompted strangers to make donations.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this unusual story is that Platt and Woodyard are both talented aerial performers. Because of their unique skill set, the wedding photos that they are sharing from around the world are acrobatic and an absolute treat to look at.

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