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25 People Who Clearly Don’t Understand Acronyms.

An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the first letter of a string of words. When read, it is read as one word. Acronyms are used for a variety of things. They can represent a group, a company, a technique, or even a procedure. People can create acronyms just about for any reason out of any words. Of course, that doesn't mean that they should.

Some acronyms should, well, not exist. Just below, we've provided some the greatest acronym fails. You would think if a person is going to create an acronym, they would learn how to properly do so prior. But it seems like most of the acronym creators below jumped the gun on this one.

#1. F.A.P.

Dear Food Assistance Program, you should do you Internet research before publicly posting your acronym. Some people might get the wrong idea.


#2. H.A.W.K.

Sorry, I don't think acronyms work like that. Two letters can't suddenly be from the same word at the end. No.

#3. W.T.F.

Worship, teaching, friends? Looking at this acronym makes me go wtf.


#4. D.E.R.P.

You couldn't have reconsidered after seeing your acronym in big bolded letters on your print out? The word didn't look odd and/or familiar to you?


#5. P.A.N.I.C.

I think you chose the wrong word for this particular situation. Like that's literally the opposite of stay calm, which you iterate at the bottom of the sign....?


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