By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Adam Levine Met The Girl Who Didn’t Want Him To Get Married. Watch What Happened.

Mia did not take the news well that Adam Levine got married. Her emotional reaction at the devastating news was so hearfelt, it went viral. So much so, that the Maroon’s 5 lead singer and judge of the TV show The Voice, was sent the three-year-old’s video by, “every single person that I know—in my entire life.”

Mia and her mom were invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the host surprised them with meeting the musician. Mia’s reaction, however, is less than excited. The little girl stuck to her mom and refused to talk to the hunky singer. That’s what he gets for going off and getting hitched.

Watch this little girl's reaction to the news she's going to have a little brother.

Source: TheEllenShow