By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Adele Helped A Woman Propose To Her BF In Front Of 11,000 People.

Adele kicked off her world tour Adele Live in Belfast, Northern Ireland on February 29th. Since it's an Irish tradition for women to ask men to marry them on a leap day; it only made sense for the singer to find a female among the more than 11,000 attending fans to propose.

One woman from the crowd got to go onstage with the superstar. She admitted she had already proposed to her boyfriend Neil earlier but he said, “maybe in a little while.” Not happy with his less than romantic response, Adele riled up the crowd chanting, “come on Neil.”

The best part may not be that the groom said yes but that Adele told the couple to send her an invitation. Now the only two questions are whether or not she’s sitting at the head of the table and if she plans to be the wedding singer.

Next, Adele auditions as an Adele impersonator.

Source: Sarah Stevenson

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