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People Are Freaking Over This Adele Lookalike. I Can’t Tell Them Apart.

When Adele released "Hello," it seemed like everyone wanted to prove they could sing just like her. On YouTube alone, there are hundreds of covers of the emotional ballad, each one more dramatic than the last. However, this particular Adele clone doesn't sing like her -- she actually looks like her.

Despite the uncanny resemblance, this young woman lets her followers known that she is her own person who just happens to look like one of the most talented singers in the world. We get that she's trying to establish her own identity on social media beyond being an Adele-lookalike, but we also can't deny that this is one of the most striking celebrity resemblances we've ever seen.

Here's the young woman on her own -- if you glanced quickly, you'd definitely think it was Adele herself.

Classic soft cut crease

A photo posted by @ellinorhellborg on

A photo posted by @ellinorhellborg on

Here's a message from the young woman, one that we can definitely respect.

Still though, this is one resemblance that's hard to deny.

25 out November 20th

A photo posted by @adele on

Embracing the fact that my cut crease look turned into adele-inspired look 2.0

A photo posted by @ellinorhellborg on

Source: ellinor hellborg

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