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Boy’s Reaction When He’s Told He Is Going To Be Adopted Will Have You In Tears.

When couples try and fail to conceive a child, they feel devastated. Fortunately, there are always options, like adoption. There are so many kids out there who are just waiting for their forever family to swing by and adopt them. Unfortunately, we don’t always get to see the moment of pure joy on a child’s face when they learn they’re going to be part of a permanent family. But this is not one of those times. The story you’re about to read is about a Colombian boy who falls to pieces when he realizes he’s no longer going to be alone in this world. Grab a box of tissues because this one’s a real tearjerker.

Amanda and JoBen Barkey of California had everything that they had ever expected for a perfect life.

They had four beautiful children and were pillars of their community. But in the summer of 2018, the family fostered a Colombian boy for an entire month. It was during that time that the Barkey family realized there was something missing in their lives.

11-year-old Sebastian was brought to the United States by Kidsave, an organization that helps kids like him.

Sebastian has no biological family. But the organization brought him and others to the US in the hopes of finding a permanent home for them. Sebastian wasn’t sure what to expect when he temporarily moved in with the Barkey family.

JoBen cherished the thought of helping a South American child out because he is originally from Peru.

He recalls his childhood in South America fondly, but he loves all children regardless of where they’re from. However, as a dual citizen, he had the chance to give Sebastian something very special, which was a home.

Sebastian and the Barkey family had an amazing time during the month he stayed with them in the US.

He went hiking in the California mountains, experienced a baseball game, and went on a boat ride. The family wanted Sebastian to see what living in the United States was all about, and he certainly enjoyed every moment of it.

The four Barkey children became quite fond of Sebastian during his visit.

It became obvious to everyone that Sebastian fit in perfectly with the Barkey family. The couple definitely felt as though Sebastian was one of their own, but he wasn’t, at least, not yet.

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