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By Camila Villafañe

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Dogs Before And After They Were Rescued By Their Owners.

Cats and dogs walk a fine line. Each day could be their last, and you can thank humanity for that. There are a lot of mean people in this world, who either neglect or mistreat animals. As a result, these creatures suffer needlessly. Fortunately, there are folks out there with pure souls who will shelter and love these wayward animals. So, here are some photos of dogs before and after they were adopted. A little love and some TLC can work wonders, and you’ll definitely see that in these photos. These dogs didn’t have a great life before, but they’ve overcome life’s obstacles. Now, they look amazing!

The original owners of this pit bull got one thing right; he was definitely one heck of a fighter.

As a puppy, Apollo was made to participate in dog fights. He sustained horrible injuries. But when he was six weeks old, a family rescued him. And after undergoing a bunch of surgeries, he still has a bit of a limp, but he’s one happy little pit bull.

When Jordan Kahara went on a cross country trip, he had no idea he’d run into these two amazing pups.

Kahara bumped into Sedona and Zeus while walking by the side of the road. It was an accident. But rather than leave them there, he put them in his car. Now, they’re his travel companions, and they’ve visited 35 states, so far.

Augustus was practically a skeleton when he was found roaming around in the streets of Chicago.

He was wounded. One of his injuries was in his leg. It was caused by a gunshot. His skin had chemical burns, and he was malnourished. But with the right medical care, the vets saved his life. Now he’s found a forever home with the director of the animal shelter.

Willow’s previous owners decided to sell her to a Korean meat farm in exchange for a measly $20.

Thankfully, the Save Korean Dogs organization saved Willow and 300 other dogs from the meat farm. Willow could have ended up in someone’s belly. Fortunately, the 11-year-old poodle got a second chance and became a lovely, fluffy dog.

Some animals get dumped on the side of the road, but Vita was literally dumped inside a trash dump.

Vita weighed 70 pounds when she was first found in a dumpster in LA. The German Shepherd’s condition was critical. It took vets a couple of months to get Vita back to full health. It just goes to show you that proper care and attention can work wonders.

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