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Adoption Agencies Are Looking For Volunteers To Do The BEST Job Ever.

Susan Singer has the best volunteer job; she gets to hold and cuddle babies. The 64-year-old gives her heart and time to care for newborn babies through the Spence-Chapin Services to Family and Children in New York.

Since 1908, the non-for-profit organization has functioned as temporary care for babies who are waiting for adoption and for those whose mothers who are considering it as an option. The Westchester, New York resident began volunteering after losing her 22-year-old son in a skiing accident in 2009.

Since Singer began her work in 2010, she has been the caregiver to 20 babies. Each child’s stay can last anywhere from two to four weeks. “My job is to make the baby feel safe and loved 24-7. I hold them all the time. I talk to them. I sing to them. We play music,” explains Singer of her labor of love.

The retired teacher feels she has the best job. "I'm the one on adoption day, telling [the new parents] all about this wonderful little person. I'm the one that gets to talk to the birth mom and send her photos and videos and reassure her that her baby is safe," says Singer.

Spence-Chapin covers all the expenses associated with caring for a newborn; from diapers, car seats, as well as access to their clinic staffed with pediatricians.

Currently, the organization is looking for more volunteers in New York City: including Long Island and New Jersey.

For more information, visit Spence-Chapin.

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Source: ABC News