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17 Fun Party Ideas For Adults… #14 Is Absolutely Perfect If You Love 80’s Music.

When was the last time you went to a themed party? Most of you probably have faint memories of the superhero or movie themed party you went the third great. And you won't find any Batman cups on this list, the fact of the matter is that themed parties are a lot of fun, and children shouldn't be the only ones having it!

So, how to you pull off a perfectly executed, perfectly appointed theme party for adults? The key is to plan, prepare, and Pinterest. In fact, with the advent of online crafting and blogging, planning your next adult theme party should be a piece of cake. Below, we've put together a list of 17 amazing themed party ideas that could be enjoyed by those 21 and over. Unsurprisingly, most of these amazing parties center around booze.

#1. Toga Party

The toga party is the most classic adult party theme, made famous by the classic comedy "Animal House." If you want to throw a killer toga party of your own, make your guests wear togas, and give them huge chalices to drink out of. There are also a bunch of amazing toga-themed decorations and party supplies you can acquire, like the amazing plate set in this photo.

#2. Eighties Party

If you're an adult now, you probably remember the eighties with at least some fondness. For this themed party, make your guests dress in eighties attire, play nothing but fun eighties pop, and make sure color scheme consists of heavily saturated neons. You could even send your guests home with little cans of hairspray as party favors.

#3. Mexican Fiesta

The focal point of this themed party should be the delicious food and drink. Try putting out different flavors of guacamole, and if you want everyone to have an extra great time, set up a make your own margarita bar with different varieties of tequila.

#4. Who Dunnit Clue Party

Put your guests to work at this awesome themed party, that's basically like a mini murder mystery that you can play at home. Prepare props, a script, and of course, the murder weapon for a night of fun and intrigue that will make your hosting skills be the talk of the town.

#5. An Asian Themed Party

Asian decor has seen its rise in popularity, but you can also turn this popular idea into a great party for you and your guests. Do your research and prepare foods from all the east Asian countries, including South Korea, Japan, and China. Or, you can keep it simple and focus on one cuisine, such as sushi and sake.

An Asian Themed Party

Tonia Roc

#6. Summer Luau

This type of theme is aesthetically pleasing and seasonal, and it works really well if you have an outdoor space at your home. Keep the food light and refreshing, and have a well-stocked bar where guests can try different tropical drinks. Decorate with lots of flowers, twinkle lights, and tiki torches, and your luau will definitely be a hit.

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