By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Brutally Honest Cartoons About Adulthood Will Make You Laugh.

Growing up is hard to do, and DC-based illustrator and writer Mari Andew knows that all too well. Luckily for us, Andrew began channeling her 29-year-old frustrations and observances on life into amazingly accurate drawings, many of which are painfully relatable.

“I was sort of depressed and found myself going home just to watch Netflix way more often," Andrew said in an interview with Business Insider. "I wanted a creative hobby, so I thought illustrating would be an easy, enjoyable way to document little moments from my day."

Today, Andrew helms the Instagram account ‘bymariandrew’ where she shares her illustrations with more than 15,000 followers, publishing illustrations that range in topic from dating, to friendships, to life goals, to ponderings on what kind of milk she should be drinking.

Enjoy her sketches below, and if you like what you see, follow this hilarious millennial on Instagram.

Look, finding love is all about adjusting expectations.

We're thinking the right answer to her current life question might be a tie between almond and rice.

Older wisdom shows us that being happy is part of a long and slow race to the top.

What people really mean when they tell you you're brave.

All in all, the life of a contemporary single girl doesn't seem so bad.

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