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He Bought An Old Van On Craigslist, What He Put In The Back Made Me Jealous.

When you think of a rusty old conversion van, adventure hardly comes to mind. Instead, your brain tosses out words like "lemon" and "junkyard" and "serial killer." Unless, of course, you're this young man.

The twenty-something from California bought a 2006 Ford E250 off Craigslist, and turned it into something pretty remarkable. When he first bought it, he uploaded a picture to Instagram, saying "New year -- new ride!!" Someone commented exactly what we all were thinking, responding, "You gonna sell candy to little kids?"

Well, of course he didn't do that -- instead, he transformed it into the perfect adventure vehicle, a little home on wheels to satisfy all his cross country travel needs. He calls it the "adventure mobile," and the amenities this baby has got going on will simply blow your mind. See how he transformed a scary old van into the perfect livable joyride, below.

If this looks impressive, that's because it took the builder a ton of hard work and ingenuity. "I spent the last 4 months building an adventuremobile on the weekends and evenings after work. Building this van was at times overwhelming, but always exciting. The experience has taught me many things and I am excited for the adventures to come."

This is the van in its finished state, but what it took to get here is even more impressive.

The van was a cheap 2006 Ford E250 off Craigslist.

First, the entire interior had to get gutted.

Some of the surfaces were rusted, and there were a couple holes in the floor. He used metal reinforced bond to patch the holes.

The heavy-duty angle grinder tackled the rust issue.

He decided to keep going and use the grinder to strip everything.

Then came the first coat of primer.

After the primer, he painted the entire floor with a dark color.

He put runners onto the floor, gluing them down with liquid nails.

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