By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Bought An Old Van On Craigslist, What He Put In The Back Made Me Jealous.

And the entire floor got insulated as well.

He added some particle board to the floor, with foam underneath to help with the bend.

Since there were no longer any windows, he installed a backup camera.

And then there was the moment he cut a giant hole in the side of the van. Don't worry, it wasn't a mistake: He was just making room for the propane tank.

Here it is, and it fits perfectly.

And the exterior looks pretty good, too.

There was some paint missing from a minor dent so he touched it up -- the trouble was, the color didn't match.

Once again, he coated the van -- only this time, with a better color of spray paint.

"I used 30 cans of great stuff foam to fill the cavities. I vastly overestimated the amount of space that one can was useful for, and ended up making like 4 home depot runs by the end of this day. It took a while, but in the end it was a relatively cheap and easy way to insulate the dead space between the inner and outer sheet metal layers."

Then it came time to insulate the doors.

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