Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Retired Couple Travels The World In Their House Truck.

Room For Souvenirs

Every time they travel to a remote area, they like to bring back a little souvenir to keep as a memory. They’ve incorporated the souvenirs into their tiny home. It might be a simple photo or a sculpted mask. They always make sure the interior reflects their appreciation for artwork from various other cultures.

Hidden Underneath

Of course, when you’re on the road, you don’t always have the luxury of easily locating a rest stop. Fortunately, the Ericsons’ home is fully equipped. It even comes with a functioning toilet hidden underneath one of the trailer’s couches. When you think about it, the design is convenient and it saves a ton of space.

Exploring New Places

Adopting this mode of traveling allowed the Ericsons to put aside the stress that’s common these days. So, instead of worrying about leading a materialistic lifestyle, they can focus on exploring new places and different cultures. Of course, when they stop at night, they can look at the moon and the stars, thanks to the tiny home’s two skylights.

Their Other Home

But here’s another alternative home on wheels for those of you who are on the road half the year. A touch of creativity doesn’t hurt when you’re turning a truck into a home. But who said all the work had to go on the inside, huh? The outside can be retrofitted to look like a lovely wooden home complete with extra amenities.

Personal Touches

This is the Ericson family’s permanent home in Homer, Alaska, which they park their tiny home next to. Together, the couple sanded the wooden shingles to give the renovated RV a handcrafted appearance. They also added removable planters and hanging baskets on the sides of the home to give it that personal touch.

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