By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Life-Changing Advice On How To Live, From People Ages 7 Through 93. It Just Keeps Getting Wiser...

WireTap was an incredibly popular radio show on the Canadian Broadcasting Channel that recently decided to call it quits. The show has been bringing tidbits of wisdom and inspiring stories to Canadian listeners for 11 years, so it seemed only natural that they should finish up with a project like this.

"How To Age Gracefully," was directed by Andrew Norton. The video offers life advice from people ages 7-93 (and all of that advice can be applied to anyone in between). WireTap host Jonathan Goldstein wrote about the video on the WireTap website, saying, "It's all about growing up and how that process never ends."

See the sagely wisdom of people across the ages in the video below. Some of it will bring tears to your eyes - and all of it will inspire you.

Here's more advice from people with 60 years of experience.

Source: CBC