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If Disney Princesses Aged Like The Rest Of Us They’d Look Like This…

It's been years since our favorite Disney movies were released -- but just how many years, exactly? And how old would that make the characters now, and how old were they before? It's a funny thing to think about, and luckily, one artist was on the same page.

These portraits of Disney princesses imagine what they'd look like now had they aged naturally over the years, and of course, most of them are still looking fabulous. Check out your favorite princesses, all grown up, below.

Jasmine is now in her late 30's and still looks like a queen.

Belle is in her late forties -- Sure, she's aged, but she's still good looking.

Aurora of Sleeping Beauty is particularly old, but she's still looking fine.

Pocahontas is 38 but still looks fierce.

Ariel has grown into herself, but luckily, she hasn't dyed her hair.

Mulan is the coolest 33 year old you know.

84-year-old Cinderella is still living happily ever after -- and she looks as elegant as ever.

Snow White was only 14 when she met her young prince, and now she's looking glorious at 92.

Here's what Disney characters would look like in today's world.

Source: Pixable

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